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Map of Senior Citizen Population by State in 2010

Senior Citizen are 65 years old and over according to the 2010 Census. For the election in 2012 voters sixty-five years old and over could be upset enough over Mitt Romney’s proposals to cut and/or change Social Security and Medicare benefits to opt to vote for Obama. The US States with high amount of senior citizens include Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin.  This map shows the senior citizen population by state in 2010 based on data provided by Census.

Map of Senior Citizen Population by State

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Map of Unemployment rate by state, as of the end of June 2011 (%)

This map lists the unemployment rate in the US, by state, as of the end of June 2011. This data from U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics is relevant to the 2012 elections because historically, a very high unemployment rate has always proven an important factor on voters deciding which candidates and political parties to support. As you can see the unemployment rate in most states is above 8%.

Map of Unemployment rate by State in the USA 2011

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Map of Poverty Level Persons by State per US Census

This map show persons living below the poverty level by US state. The data is form the U.S. Census Bureau as of 2010. As mentioned by Deborah White this data should be quite relevant to national and state elections. People living on poverty-level wages should reasonably be expected to vote for Obama rather than Romney. The Democratic party is generally viewed as standing for those without political power or voice.  Low-income persons and families, labor unions, ethnic and racial minorities, immigrants, and others. In the 20th century and beyond, the Republican party is viewed as standing for the wealthiest Americans and for corporations.

Map of Poverty Level Persons by US State

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Map of U.S. states by income from 2008-2011

Get the facts for the US Election in 2012. This map shows the income development in percentage from 2008 until 2011. As you can see the income has decreased in the last years in nearly any state.  The data used in this map is based on Census. You can also find a list of states by income on Wikipedia as well.

US Median Household income by state

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